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Movies and tv shows have without any doubt become an important part of human life, In fact many can’t live without it as they have taken it upon themselves to go to Cinema every week because they don’t know about or they disregard online movie streaming.

As a matter of fact many spent huge amount of money to go and see movies at the cinema and the trouble many in return get into is unexplainable.

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Do you know you can watch a movie of your choice on your mobile phone , tablet or Computer?

Of course you can ! There are many online apps and websites and websites that offer both paid and free online movie streaming services to the public and among them is which provide the best movie streaming services across the globe.

List of Free Apps for MovieStreaming

Though Netflix is the biggest online movie streaming app and website on the internet today but there are many alternative out their and we will list that below.

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Netflix is the biggest online movie streaming app/website on the internet today. They have range of movies like horror,action adventures,comedy ,animation,documentary and many more but their service is not free you must subscribe to any of their plans but you can still enjoy up to a month free trials.

Download Netflix app or visit their website below.

Bee TV

Beetv is one of the best online movie streaming app that I can recommend for anybody even my enemy – lol.  The app has beautiful graphic and huge collection of movies, apart from the fact that you can stream movie in any dimension of your choice with subtitle you can as well download the movie to your phone directly without paying a dime. Download the app below and start enjoying watching movies of your choice for free.

Livenet Tv

Live net TV is not just an ordinary app for online movie streaming, you can also stream live football games of all categories.

You can watch live news, watch live TV shows and others.

Since the day I’ve come across this app I don’t visit the viewing center anymore, so download the app via the link below


In conclusion, the apps listed above are those I have tested okay myself you can go ahead and check them out and do not forget to read our Disclaimer  to fully understand the content we write and how you can use them.

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