Corrupt/Invalid IMEI : Causes and Solutions.

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International Mobile Equipment Identity popularly known as IMEI number is an important number which is unique to every single phones.

In this article we will be looking into uses, problem and other things related to International Mobile Equipment Identity.

Uses/importance of IMEI number.

This is a very important number assigned to every phones for tracking, identification and other awesome purpose.

In case of theft, IMEI number will come very handy as it will be used in tracking down your mobile phone whereabouts. There are tons of uses of the number and to cut the story short it should not be taken with a trivia hands.

What usually damage phone’s IMEI number.

A phone’s IMEI number can be damaged by a lots of things among which are Virus,Flashing or wiping of your device and others.

Phone Virus are so much destructive and no evaluation to damage it can cause to mobile phone or Tablet.

If you flash the stock rom or you restore the factory settings of your your phone might be a victim of IMEI number Corruption.

Effect of damaged IMEI on a phone

Among the most common bad effect is unable to make or receive calls and some device may not be able to surf the internet while some mobile phone will only browse and not able to make or receive calls.

How to fix invalid IMEI

More so,some phones will not detect SIM CARDS or NETWORK if their IMEI number is corrupt.

To check the IMEI of your phone please dial*#06# on your mobile,if your phone’s IMEI is healthy it will pop up instantly while it will display NULL or INVALID IMEI in some devices.

How to solve corrupt IMEI problem

This problem can be solved by in two ways:

First if you notice your phone has this problem I will advise you to take it to your technician for repair,do not fret it will not take time and they won’t need to loosen or unscrew your phone.

But if you’re a tech geek,you can solve this problem yourself but I must warn you because it is a bit risky. Please read our disclaimers below before you proceed.

That being said,head straight to Google play store and download Mobile uncle tool or follow the link below to download.

For further information please feel free to contact me me by visiting our help page or click on the link below for faster response.

Thanks for reading see you guys in the next article. Don’t forget to leave a comment or observation below Thanks.

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