Do this Simple trick if your phone is not fast charging.

In this era of ours where electricity is erratic and where we often go miles to get our Mobile phones charged  , it is indeed not a good thing if your phone is not charging very fast. Imagine your phone having just 20% after almost two hours of charging – that sucks!

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If you are facing such problem then you need not worry anymore, this post will help you solve the problem. But before we proceed we most first figure out why your phone is not fast charging before we can proffer a befitting solution to it.




Reason why your phone is not fast charging.



This condition can be caused by a lots of things but here are the most common ones.

  • Charging port problem.
  • Charger/cable problem.
  • Software  problem.

Now the solution….

Other than charging point rust, break or removed,there are a lots of things as mentioned above that can cause phone not to charge fast.

Let us start with the Charging you are using first.

Change your charger cable if and if the condition persist try using another charger. If the condition was caused by charger issue then you will know.

After trying the above solution and you did not get a befitting result,now try this:






make sure your mobile data is turned off,clear or close all active or running applications after doing that plug your phone to a charging outlet and if the problem persist I think it is high time to take your phone to a technician for proper check up.

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