How to make money with your Facebook account

It’s not a lie that Facebook is the largest social Media platform on the planet Earth today with more than 1 billion daily users. And today I Will be teaching you how you can make money with your Facebook account .

In fact Facebook is the only source of income for some people and they are making huge amount of money everyday.

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Do you know you can be making money with your Facebook account as well without leaving the comfort of your home? Now stop wasting your previous time and data on Facebook without gaining anything in return, now is the time for you to start making money like never before , just keep your fingers across and read on.

Can I really earn money with Facebook?

Of course you can and I will teach you how you can make money with your Facebook account just make sure you follow me as I break down the process step by step.


There are lots of way you can earn from Facebook and you don’t have to be a tech savvy to do that just make sure you have the basic Internet skills.

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According to the saying that no venture no gain for you to make it big on Facebook you must be ready to sacrifice and invest and if you can’t do that you will still earn money but can’t guarantee that.

Ways to make money on Facebook

You can make money on Facebook by selling or advertise a particular product on your Facebook account. To do that just post the item and any interested buyer will contact you via messenger and you will start negotiations before you know it the deal will be sealed.

What kind of goods can I sell on Facebook?

You can sell almost anything on Facebook ranging from Shoes,bags, watches, Electronics and many more. Here are few things you can’t sell on Facebook if you don’t want to cross the line.

Alcohol, Adult (sex) items, and many more can’t be advertised on Facebook. You can start importation of bags, Shoes and other materials from China, Turkey etc and make use of free Facebook advert platform to reach over 1 billion of potential buyers.

If you’re not a person with business mind, you can also make money by joining different Facebook group where various contests are being carried out on daily basis and you can make it big there as well.

Another way to make money on Facebook is through Facebook page .

To do this you just have to create a Facebook page which won’t cost you a dime , garner reasonable amount of followers or likes and make sure you post on your page regularly about a particular product you’re selling this is very useful if you’re someone who’s into business in fact I know about people who sell products but have no shop , Facebook is the shop where they display their goods and they make reasonable sale every day.

Of course you can do that as well and it’s pretty simple . It’s now Left to you to decide if you’re willing to run a Facebook Add for your product by targeting a specific audience i.e if you’re selling products that is for teenagers your target Will be audience under the age of thirteen to nineteen .

You won’t be able to reach this specific audience without running a Facebook ad which is not cost if you’re serious about your business or you want to achieve your business goals on time a typical Facebook ads looks like this.

a typical example of Facebook ads

This a type of advert on Facebook leading people to the advertiser’s website or online shop where a specific transaction will ensue.

Other ways to earn on Facebook

If non of the methods above catch your attention or if you don’t want to involve financially because of risk you can become a social media account manager . With this, you will be managing Facebook business pages for companies or important people. Your work will involve creating eyes catching post regularly, replying customer’s messages and many more.

You can as well help people and companies advertise or make announcement on your page that’s if you have huge amount of page likes or followers #instablognaija is a typical example here in Nigeria.

Other ways you can earn on Facebook include joining platform like viraltrend ; a platform where you earn with your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account by performing a simple task like following people on Instagram, Facebook,and Twitter this platform is also legit I have account with them as well.

If you’re interested in joining viraltrend please click on the link below.


Side gig is also a platform that pays, it’s like Viraltrend where you earn with your Facebook account.

You can join sidegig  below if you’re interested.



With all I have explained above I think I have done a good justice by explaining step by step how you can make money with your Facebook account and if you’re still confused I’m as close to you as you will never imagine do well to contact me below or use the comment box below to express yourself.

Do well to Contact the Author Here and ask any questions you like he’s a very friendly fellow.

Please feel free to share this post to your friends so that they can also benefit from it as well.

Thanks for reading see you in the next article.

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