How to prevent your Facebook account from hacking

Facebook account is the most active and most popular social media website with billion of daily users.

It is not a lie that some people make huge stream of daily income on Facebook and many also use it as a way to tell the world about what they do for a living while others see it as an avenue to catch fun.

But how painful do you think this can be if you just wake up one day and learned that some strange guys have locked you out of your own Facebook and you no longer have access to it again? I must confess, it will be very painful- that process is called hacking and some guys behind the act are called hackers.

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Why do hackers hacked Facebook account?

That question still remain a mystery to some people where as it is not very hard to get answers to. Why do hackers hack a Facebook ? They hack Facebook account for many reasons but the major reason I can quickly arrived at is to carry out their nevarious and devilish act of online scamming.

Types of Account hackers Target.

If your Facebook account is just some months old you need not worry as your account might not be a Target.

Hackers Target a Facebook account with a lot of interaction which is is let us say one year upward or if you are a celebrity your account is a Target even if it is just a some months old.

Methods used by hackers to hack an account.

This guys employ a lots of Methods in hacking their target account but we will mention few and important ones here today.

No hackers in this world can hack your account without knowing your Facebook login information.

Most of the time,the fault usually comes from us by sharing our Facebook account information with people or failing to log out our Facebook account after using other people’s device or after using a public computer.

There’s also a method called Phishing . This method is very common and you might have seen it if you surf the internet on a daily basis it comes in a very profitable form. For instance, a message might hit your inbox that you should click on a link to get the chance of winning a free recharge card or to qualify to win a car etc . And at the other end you will be asked to fill or log in with your Facebook account information and before you know it you have already been hacked.

An instance of phishing

Other method is called Keylogger. In this method hacker will be trying a password combination it is like password guessing.


Apart from the above-mentioned there are also simple ways your account can be hacked. In fact the internet is stuffed up with free ways to do this all hackers need is your Facebook username.

What to do if your account is hacked.

If you’re logged out of your Facebook account don’t fret just look for a smartphone and type the below address for help.

Quickly type http://www.facebook.com/hacked and follow the on screen instructions and you will get your account back if you are not too late.

How to prevent your account from been hacked.

Prevention is better than cure they say, here are the simple ways to safeguard your Facebookaccount and prevent it from been hacked

Firstly you must not share your password with any living soul

Beware of the App or websites you log in to with your Facebook account.

Always log out after using a friend’s phone or a public computers.

And lastly head straight to settings in your Facebook account and activate a two factor authentication. What this mean is that each time you or some crazy guys are trying to log in to your Facebook account,a code will be sent to your Mobile phone to confirm if you are the one trying to log in to your Facebook account.

With this tutorial I hope you will no longer be a victim of Facebook account hacking.

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