How to use your mobile phone as a spy camera

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Hi guys today i will be teaching you how you can use your mobile phone as a spy camera. You think it is not possible? If course it is as I have experiment it myself and I must confess it will save you the cost of getting A real CCTV CAMERA. Though it won’t work like a real CCTV camera but it is an alternative to it.

As I have said earlier , in this article you will learn how to monitor your home ,office or anywhere with your mobile phone with quality Audio and video . Without much talj let us dive into the tutorial. Here are the materials you need to get ready.

Materials Needed

Before you can be using your mobile phone as a spy Camera you need the following Materials.

  • Two Android phones
  • A tripod (optional)
  • A stable network.

Main Tutorial

Having geotten all the afformentioned materials at hand now we are set for the next stage.

Now head to Google play store and download an Android application called Ip webcam and install it on your phone to save you time you can download the app via the link below.

ip wrbcam

Installed the App and grant the app all necessary permissions .

Register with valid email address and proceed to the next stage below.

Open the App and scroll down click on start server, the app will start your Camera automatically,after that a number-like URL will display on your screen.

Ip webcam homepage

Now open any browser on your second Android phone type the on screen URL from the screen of the first Android phone and hit the center/go or search key on the browser you are using. And interface like the picture below will pop up.

interface from second Android phone

From the browser you will have full control over the first Android phone like zooming the camera, on or off the camera flash light , adjusting the video quality etc .

Distance does not matter,you can leave the first android phone at the spot you want to monitor holding it withtripod is necessary but not compulsory. And you will be seeing the live feed of home or spit you are monitoring.

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You can minimize the camera to prevent people from suspecting but that will not prevent the cam from working


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That is what I have for you today guys feel free to drop your comments below or talk to me directly here

Please share the post to others on social media it is an act of kindness.Thanks for reading see you guys next time.

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