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How to watch All games free on your mobile phone.

The internet is full of useless,data consuming and very risky Mobile Apps and in the same vein, It is not a lie that many good Mobile applications can as well be found on the internet.

In this article we will be shedding light on some useful mobile application we need to have on our mobile phones right now. This post is strictly for Android users.

If you’re a football fan and you’re as well reading this post now then you should consider yourself lucky because right now I will be telling and showing you howyou can watch football match of your choice free of charge be it English premier league,Laliga Santana ,UEFA championsleague and many more. Just relax and read on you are in a good hands.



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How to watch/stream live football game or any sports on your mobile phone.

If you don’t own a  DSTV DECODER or Some other PAID CABLE TV with an active subscription viewing live football game may seem very hard or maybe impossible unless you can endure the noise and some unsavory characters often encounter in many viewing centers. And I sometimes ask myself why do people with a Smart phone and an active data plan still go to a viewing center though it has many interesting advantages and numerous disadvantages.. Let us out that aside and go straight to the point.

There are many websites where you can watch or stream live football game in the UK if you’re a lover of English Premier league.

Websites like BT sport and Sky Sport have made that very simple but the issue or the problem is that you will need the service of a very good VPN to Mask your location if you’re not on the UK soil. You can easily download a  VPN on the internet but most of them are paid app with some days free trials.

But the truth many are not aware of is that there are a lots of Mobile applications that are are designed for free sports streaming purpose,while some are gibberrish some are good and are worth trying but to rid you off the pronlem of data and time wasting we have compiled three trusted of Sport Apps which ww believed to be the best according to user experience. See the list below.

List of Mobile applications to live stream football game.

Here are the lists of three trusted Apps for streaming football,basketball etc live and free of charge.

  • WSS




Wss is popular Mobile application for streaming live football game, WWE , basketball, F1 etc . It is a must get have for all fans of English League and some of it channels include Sky sports,BT sport, beinsport,Eurosport news and many more


You can download the app via the link below.




  • MObdro


Unlike WSS Mobdro is not just a sport streaming Application, It encompasses other categories like news, movies,Documentaries, Entertainment and many more.

Mobdro channels

Follow the link below to download the Application.



  • Live netTv


This application has a feature resemblance with Mobdro and it is the most recommended out of the three.

The good news is that the app can be found on Google play Store while the rest can not befound there otherthan their official websites.

Available channels

You can download the application below.



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Hope you like thispost do mot hesitate to share it to other sport lovers for them to enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading and do not forget to comment below.


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