My phone fell into the water,Is that the end?

Just of recent , a friend of mine lost his newly bought smart phone to water and we have received and experienced a lot of cases like these over the years. In fact as a technician, we treated it every week.

But the question on everybody’s lips is that

Is there no any solution to phone that fell inside water?

Don’t fret dude!There is solution just read on.


If your phone just fell into the water or has once dropped into the water, this article is strictly for you.
The solutions can be categorized into two types which are Home remedy (first aide) and Technical remedy.

Let us start with that of Home remedy.
Whenever our pgone dropped in water the first thouggt that normally crossed our mind is to deep the phone in Garri or rice.

A phone deeped in Rice

Though these methods might work and save your phone at that particular time but that can’t guarantee future safety of the phone.

The home remedy I am referring to here is to firstly remove the phone’s back cover if possible,the battery if possible as well.

In the case that the phone’s battery is not removable try the method below.

Remove your back cover if possible and your Sim card(s) .

Now press (hold down) the power button for like three to five seconds and release it,the phone should shut down,this is to prevent the battery from draining off and as well prevent the phone from further damage.

Now the next step is to take the phone to your technician or a qualified one you can quickly find.

The Technician will open the phone and dry the liquid in the phone. After that your phone should be up and running again.

A technician will open up the phone


If your phone dropped in water and you keep using it for days withiut having it checked up by a technician ,your phone is a sure candidate of future screen/touch pad , mouth-piece, ringer etc damage.

Phones are like we human beings, they need proper maintenance and we’re here to help you with that.

Do you have any problem with yiur phone? Book an appointment with our Technician for free consultation here

Thanks for reading please share the article for the benefit of others.

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