Phone not browsing : Causes and Solution.

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Welcome aboard guys!! Today we will be looking into a very common problem that everybody has once faced in the past and that some are facing right now or that you will still face in the future.

It can be so frustrating that you can’t browse despite the fact that you have a valid data plan or you just buy a data plan. Don’t be afraid it’s a simple problem just read on.



This problem can come in many form so for that reason, a lots of solution will be proffered to it . Now let us look into  the causes.

Causes of the problem

As I have said earlier , this problem may be triggered by many factors among which are:

  • Network provider issuissues
  • APN
  • Virus.
  • Factory reset/flashing and many more.

So if your phone’s data failed to turn on, it must have been caused by one of the problems listed above. Now let us look into the solution below.

How to solve phone data not turn-on yourself.

If you discovered that your phone’s data is not turning on due to network provider issues what you need to do is to switch off your phone and turned it on again. After few seconds turn on the data and if the problem persists,then you need to exercise a lot of patience as the problem won’t resolve until they rectified it on their own end. Some might persist for at least a day or less.


If the problem was caused b

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