Slow and Hanging phone : Causes and solution.


It can be so annoying and frustrating if one’s phone was so slow or worst,hanging .It doesn’t matter if the phone was new or old the fact is that some phones are just prone to hanging which might be caused by a lots of factors.

If your phone was as fast as a rocket before and suddenly,boom! It started hanging or becoming very slow don’t worry this article is made for you just read on we will help you solve that in a jiffy.

As a Technician we have received and resolved issue like this times without number,so you don’t need to fret we have got you covered.

Why do phones hang or running slow

Phone may begin to hang or running slow due to many factors which we may have caused ourselves or due to technical issues. We will base our discussions on the issues caused by phone userswhich later caused their device to run relatively slow.

  • Firstly not having all or some of the Apps on your phone updated to latest version may cause your phone to hang or Running slow.
  • Having the internal memory of your phone stuffed with too much of files or apps may also cause it to hang or run slow.
  • If you fail to clear or refresh cache of your device….
  • If too much apps are running in the background..
  • And many more

solution to the problems listed above

  • Update every apps on your phone
  • Free the internal memory of your phone or move the files on it to an external mmc.
  • Or sometimes ,SD card if too stuffed with apps or files,delete some inwanted files on it .
  • Close apps running in background or delete some
  • Restart your phone to clear or refresh the cache.

Technical causes

What i mean by technical causes is the issue with the phone’s stock ROM or operating system (os) . If that is the case you will need the service of a qualified software technician to help you flash the phone to latest OS .

But before you do that you can try formatting or reset yourPhone by following the simple steps below.

Click on reset option

After that click on factory reset option

Click on reset phone,after that the phone will request for your password or pin ,after that the phone should off automatically and bring up a android robot screen which mrans the factory magic is on going after that phone will reboot and bring your phone to how you bought it.

Warning:The phone will take a long time before booting after factory reset or some phone might not boot again and just hang on android logo. So you’re doing this at your own risk.


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Simple hard reset opinion

If the factory reset method explained above does not work you can follow the step below.

Firstly, make sure you switch off your phone after that press and hold the power button together with the volume down button until the phone vibrate or bring up a the common android Robot logo after which you should have the screen option in the pucture below.

Your phone is now in hard reset mode.

Follow the on screen option and your phone will be wiped clean in a jiffy.

After all these if your phone still hangs or run slow then it is high time you took it to a Technician for proper flashing.

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