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Hi guys you are all welcome aboard today we will be exploring top android apps for 2020. Not all but the most important ones.

Ranging from all categories,I will be revealing to you top Android Apps of 2020 so far from top photography apps , Education Apps Gaming Apps and above all Apps for Making money. Just keep your fingers cross and read on .

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We will be exploring varieties of top apps 2020 based on users experience and feed backs without wasting much of our time, let us dive into the business of the day. You can make use of table of contents below for easy navigation.

Top Apps for Photography and photo editing.

There aLot of apps for photography on google play store but not all are best for this reason in this article we have gathered Top android apps for Photography which I know you guys will love . The Apps are listed below.

  • Snap seed – This one of the best android apps for photography and for picture editing. You guys will love this app because it comes with a lot of awesome qualities a person who loves taking pictures wouldn’t want to miss. You guys should download the app via the link below
Snap seed
  • Cymera – This photography app is also perfect and I recommend it because it comes with a lot of features you will love.
cymera photography app

Best Translator Apps

websites are written in Different languages,some might not know this because most websites are written in English. What if you come across website written in foreign language like spanish, Chinese etc how do you do that? Here the best options you have is to use a translator.

But you need not worry if you’re using Google chrome which comes with in built translator. Apart from that here are the list of top android apps 2020 according to user feedback.

  • Google Translate – This is the most popular and most effective translator App on the internet today . It supports picture translation and text translation.
Google translate
  • Snap Trans – Snap trans is in fact very useful because it has two functions that make it unique. Apart from the fact that the app can translate written text,it also has power to translate Mobile Applications written in foreign language

How to use your mobile phone as a spy camera

Apps for watching free movies and tv shows

How to watch All games free on your mobile phone.

That is all I have for you guys today try and download all the apps and drop your comment below. Feel free to share this post to your friends so that they can also benefit from it. Thanks for reading see you in the next article.

Download SnapTrans here

Download Snap seed here

Download Cymera photography App

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