Your phone is not ringing? See causes and solution.

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Hi guys ! It is such a frustrating issue if your phone is not ringing or if the speaker is not voicing out but do not fret, in this post you will learn about the causes and solution just read on.

In this post we will look into many causes and solution of the reasons why your phone is not ringing or voicing out.

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This problem can be caused by many factors but before we proceed check the following issue first.

  • Check if your phone is not on silent.
  • Check if your phone is not on do not disturb modemode
  • Try to restart your phone

If you have checked all this and your phone is still the same then your phone is not ringing because your phone’s ringer is faulty caused by falling down , damaged speaker or breakage of the speaker IC (integrated circuit)

If that is the case your phone needs to be taken to a technician who will work on it.


Take your phone to a qualified technician for repair or book an appointment with our technician because your phone is not ringing problem will be a thing of the past in no time.

You can contact us or book an appointment with one of our technicians      Here and your complaints will be addressed instantly by our standing by Agents.

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