Download Afonifoji latest 2023 Nollywood yoruba movie.

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In this world of ours, mysteries abound. Some were left with no answers while some are like puzzles which are technical to solve. Afonifoji part one and is such a movie every movie lover would wish to see, you can download or watch the movie via the link that will be provided below.

The synopsis of Afonifoji

A mystery is set to unravel in this latest yoruba movie, following an extraterrestrial experience that sets the lead, Fisayo Abebi on a journey to an unknown land after feigning ignorance to her mother (Biola Adebayo) warning. But finding her way home comes at a great cost to tough to bare. Find out more by seeing or downloading this suspense-filled movie.

General movie information

production date: April 2023

Duration: 1 hour plus

Distributed by: Apata tv

How to Download afonifoji

Download or watch via the link below

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