Download Aso Ibora mp4 featuring Babasuwe and others.

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Babasuwe is without any doubt the King of Comedy Aso ibora one of his comedy plays where features alongside Dejo tunfulu, Babalawori, and others, actually proved that to be true.

The synopsis of Aso ibora Babasuwe comedy movie.

Babasuwe consulted the wise ones concerning her wife’s barrenness. He was ordered to take a sacrifice to the crossroad on a broad daylight and without talking to anyone.

He met his friends on the road, they forced him to talk and eventually ate the sacrifice together with Babasuwe himself. Download the movie below from our secure link.

Aso ibora

Also, it is an old movie but its comedy effect is still very much effective when watched.

Please don’t eat while watching this movie, you can download it below.

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