No one comes out alive

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No one comes out alive movie is a Hollywood horror movie released on 29th September 2021 by the movie-producing giant, Netflix. The movie was written Jon crocker, Adam Nevill, and Fernanda coppel.

The plot of No one comes out alive movie by Netflix.

Undocumented immigrant, Ambar, moves to Cleveland after the death of her mother. We learn that she used to take care of her ailing mother and could never live a normal life, as her mother continuously got sick until she came to America to support her. She finds a dilapidated boarding house run by landlord, Red. Red demands the first months rent up front, which Ambar gives from a reserve of cash she seems to have saved up for her move. Odd things start happening to her at the new boarding house and out of it. After moving into the boardinghouse, she gives a co-worker the remainder of her savings to get a fake ID that will allow her to continue to work at her job. The co-worker betrays her, taking the money and quitting the next day. At the boarding house, she begins to see ghosts, and flees after witnessing ghostly visions of previous tenants. After a distant cousin, Beto, cannot help her, Ambar is forced to call Red. At a nearby diner, Red meets with Ambar and promises to refund her deposit, but only if she returns to the house, as he claims he doesn’t have enough cash on him. When they return to the boarding house, Ambar confronts Red as the cash is not in her room as promised. Becker, Red’s brother, forces Ambar into her room, and she locks herself inside. She is joined in the room by two other Romanian women who are living in the boarding house. As Red and his brother, Becker, are planning to take the women down to the always locked basement, Beto comes looking for her. Ambar smashes a window and yells at Beto for help. However, Becker murders Beto after he runs into the house to find Amber. Becker commands Red to “prepare” her and the other girls. While rubbing some sort of gray dirt onto Ambar’s skin, Red tells her that his dad was an archeologist who brought back a stone box from one of his trips. Something about the box inspired Red’s father, along with his mother, Mary, to trap and murder immigrant women (the ghosts that Ambar has seen throughout the house). When Red and Becker arrived home after a while, they saw what their father had done. Red wanted to leave, but Becker wanted to stay.

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Something about sacrificing women to the box improved Becker’s health. Ambar struggles against Becker as he takes her down the basement. Becker ties Ambar to a stone table in front of an altar where the box sits. After tying up Ambar, Becker opens the box and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. Ambar begins dreaming about her mother on her deathbed. While Ambar dreams, slowly, a monster emerges from the box and attempts to eat Ambar’s head. However, she is able to wake herself up from the dream and recollection of her killing her mother so as to stop taking care of her before moving to America. In doing so causes the monster to retreat back into the box. As she’s preparing to leave the house, Ambar hears Becker and Red preparing one of the other immigrant women for sacrifice. She grabs an ancient weapon (a paddle with serrated glass edges) from the study and goes upstairs. When Red opens the door, she hits him multiple times cutting him in numerous places. He falls to the floor. Becker stands up from where he was crouching in front of the other woman and goes to attack Ambar. He is about to choke Ambar when the other immigrant woman attacks him from behind. Becker stomps on Ambar’s ankle to prevent her from fleeing before he turns around and attacks the other woman. He subsequently throws her down several flights of stairs. He returns to Ambar and lifts her up, choking her against the wall. She jams her right hand thumb into his mouth turning his head to the side and slicing his neck open with one of the glass shards that had dislodged from the ancient weapon when she attacked Red. Becker proceeds to bleed profusely and Ambar finishes him off with several whacks to the head with the ancient weapon. She hears Red shuffling around in the next room. She manages to get Red downstairs and tied onto the stone table. We watch with Ambar as the monster bites off Red’s head. As she is leaving the house she realizes she has nothing left but is suddenly healed from sacrificing Red to the monster in the box. The ending is left ambiguous, but there’s a strong implication that Ambar plans to stay in the house, making sacrifices to the monster in the box.


Movie details

Running time85 mins
countryUnited Kingdom
Release date29th September 2021.
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