Evil dead 2013

Evil dead 2013

Evil Dead 2013 is an American supernatural horror film directed by Fede Álvarez, in his feature directorial debut, written by Rodo Sayagues and Álvarez and produced by Robert Tapert, Sam Raimi, and Bruce Campbell. The fourth installment in the Evil Dead franchise, it serves as a soft reboot and continuation of the original series. The film stars Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore. The film follows a group of five people being haunted and killed by supernatural entities in a remote cabin in the woods.

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Evil dead 2013 plot

In 1980, a girl is captured in the woods and taken to a cabin with cult members. Her father immolates her, as it is revealed she is not human but a demon. In 1992, David Allen and his girlfriend Natalie arrive at the cabin, where they meet his sister Mia and his friends Eric and Olivia. The group plans to stay in the cabin while Mia overcomes her heroin addiction. The cabin’s cellar is littered with rotting animal corpses, a shotgun, and a book called the Naturom Demonto.

Eric, despite warnings, reads an incantation, awakening a malevolent force. Mia begins seeing a bloody girl in the woods, and begs the group to leave. They refuse, believing she is experiencing withdrawal. Mia takes Eric’s car and leaves, but while driving sees a naked girl and swerves, crashing into a tree. Mia exits the car and runs into the woods, where several vines from a demonic tree grab her, hindering her escape. After Mia sees a demonic version of herself, a vine comes out of its mouth possessing her.

David finds his murdered dog Grandpa along with a bloodied hammer, and goes to confront Mia in the shower. He sees her scalding herself and tries to drive her to a hospital, but rain floods the road. That night, the possessed Mia shoots David, who locks her in the cellar. Olivia becomes possessed. When Eric discovers her in the shower cutting her cheek, he stumbles backward and slips; she stabs Eric multiple times before he bludgeons her to death. Mia lures Natalie into the cellar, where she bites her hand, molests her and kisses her. David opens the trapdoor, allowing Natalie to escape.

Eric explains that according to the Naturom Demonto, the Taker of Souls must claim five souls to unleash the Abomination. Natalie, convinced that her arm is infected, amputates it. David patches up her arm while Eric explains that Mia must be “purified” either by live burial, bodily dismemberment, or burning. The now-possessed Natalie attacks the pair with a nail gun but David shoots her other arm off; Natalie returns to normal but bleeds to death.

David incinerates Olivia’s corpse, dismembers Natalie’s body, and plans to burn down the cabin with Mia in it. However, as Mia starts singing a song from their childhood, he decides to bury her instead. He digs a grave and tries to subdue Mia, who attempts to drown him. Eric intervenes, but is fatally stabbed. David sedates and buries Mia. He then unearths and defibrillates her, begging her to return to him. The demon is exorcized and Mia is healed. David enters the cabin to retrieve the car keys, but the now-possessed Eric appears and stabs him in the neck. As Mia tries to help him, David locks her out to protect her and shoots a gasoline can, destroying Eric’s body and killing himself.

As Mia watches the cabin burn, she notices blood raining from the sky. The Taker of Souls rises in the form of how Mia was when possessed, going after Mia to claim her soul to complete itself. Mia attempts to flee in the car, but fails. She instead crawls into the shed and grabs a chainsaw to fight back. When the Abomination throws the car at Mia, it crushes her hand. She tears off her hand and slices the Abomination in half with the chainsaw. Its corpse sinks into the ground and the rain stops. Mia stumbles into the woods. Unknown to her, the Naturom Demonto is still intact.

In a post-credits scene, an older Ash is seen in shadowed profile. He remarks “Groovy” before turning suddenly to face the camera.

Evil dead 2013 Cast

Shiloh Fernandez as David Allen
Lou Taylor Pucci as Eric
Jessica Lucas as Olivia
Elizabeth Blackmore as Natalie
Phoenix Connolly as Teenager
Jim McLarty as Harold
Sian Davis as Old Woman
Stephen Butterworth as Toothless Redneck
Karl Willetts as Long Haired Redneck
Randal Wilson as Taker of Souls / Abomination
Bruce Campbell as Ashley (Ash) J. Williams (uncredited)
Rupert Degas as Demon (voice)

Evil Dead 2013 release date

TriStar Pictures released the film theatrically on April 5, 2013, in the United States,with Sony Pictures handling other markets. Fede Álvarez tweeted on January 28, 2013, that the film first received an NC-17 rating, which prompted cuts in order to obtain the contractually obligated R-rating.The film has been rated uncut as an 18 by the BBFC for containing strong “bloody violence, gory horror and very strong language”.StudioCanal handled the release of Evil Dead in the United Kingdom.

Evil Dead premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, TX on March 8, 2013. The music for Evil Dead, composed by Roque Baños, was released by La-La Land Records in a 40-minute digital form and a 70-minute physical release, on April 9, 2013.

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