(Full and updated) Selina tested episode 27 download free.

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Selina Tested is one of the most streamed and watched Nollywood YouTube series in Nigeria upon its premiere in 2021 and if you are a fan of the action and suspense-packed series, this page will walk you through Selina Tested episode 27 download and all you need to know about the intriguing episode just releases by Lightweight Entertainment on their Youtube Channel.

Selina tested episode 27 download is one of the most sought episodes on the internet today and luckily for you, we have everything about it on this page just make sure you read along.

Selina tested episode 27 download (the plot)

Tallest did not only meet his doom in this episode, but her mother also went down for it – they both lost their lives.

Sibi who orchestrated the whole act upon his discovery of Tallest being one of the eyes of Aboy and Chiboy used in the process of tracking him down also finds himself clutch up in deep problem.

What will be the fate of Sibi? How will the other angered duo respond to the incident?

Let’s find out in this latest episode of Selina tested.

Selina tested episode 27 download

The cast and crew of Selina tested.

This series was created by LIGHTWEIGHT ENTERTAINMENT and it stars actors like;






Chilboy and others.


We at Randy King Blog have any affiliation with the producer of this movie or intend to infringe on any copyright law associated with the movie. The information provided in here is based on the general information available on the internet and we claim no ownership of it. You can click here to read our full disclaimer.

General movie information.

Year of production: 2022

production company: Lightweight entertainment

Duration: 50 mins ~ one hour.

Language: Pidgin English

Streamed platform: Youtube

Country: 🇳🇬

How to download and stream Selina tested episode 27.


The only legit place to stream selina tested episode 27 the end game is YOUTUBE. You can click on this link to stream now.


To download the movie straight to your phone free and without any interruption, please click on this link.


For more information about the movie please click here.

Finally, if you enjoy this episode let’s hear your view about it in the comment section below, and if you have anything to tell us you can reach out to us via the comment box or click here to contact us directly, thanks for reading our blog.

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