Great White

Great White (2021)

Great White is an Australian survival horror film directed by Martin Wilson, written by Michael Boughen and produced by Neal Kingston and Michael Robertson with executive producers Jack Christian and Christopher Figg.[3] The film stars Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko, Tatjana Marjanovic and Kimie Tsukakoshi.[4][5] In the film, two great white sharks circle five passengers aboard a stranded seaplane miles from shore.

Plot of Great White

A pair of seaplane lovers and operators, Kaz Fellows (Katrina Bowden) and her boyfriend Charlie Brody (Aaron Jakubenko), along with their passengers, Joji Minase (Tim Kano), his wife Michelle (Kimie Tsukakoshi), and cook Benny(Te Kohe Tuhaka), take a flight to picturesque Hell’s Reef. Upon landing they encounter a corpse that has washed up after a suspected shark attack. They report it to the coast guard but find the man’s phone has a picture of his girlfriend.

Benny and Charlie coax the others into tracking the yacht the couple were on in case she survived. Joji tells them it’s a fool’s errand and objects to being put a risk. Kaz flies off with all 5 searching for the missing damaged yacht. They find the yacht capsized and Benny dives in to investigate the wreck in case the girl is trapped inside. He finds her partially consumed corpse and returns to the seaplane whereupon the great white reappears and attacks one of the floats of the seaplane. The seaplane begins to sink so all 6 depart for the plane’s life raft.

Drifting in the current, Charlie tries to navigate using the life rafts meagre compass and oars. Michelle and Joji take a shift rowing the raft but Michelle nods off and loses one of the oars. Kaz dives into the water and retrieves the oar. Benny and Joji get into a scuffle due to the latters jealousy and Joji pushes Benny, who falls in water and is attacked and killed by the great white. The shark then attacks the raft flipping everyone into the water. Joji is killed swimming back to the raft.

With no provisions and only one oar, Michelle, Kaz and Charlie try to row with their hands. The shark returns but Charlie to his horror relies there is more than one shark. Kaz is knocked into the water but manages to get back to the raft unhurt. The next day Michelle spots land but the raft has started to deflate. Realising that they will surely sink and be at the mercy of both sharks, Charlie and Kaz decide to try and distract the sharks in order for Michelle to make it to land.

Kaz manages to hit one of the sharks with a flare and Charlie pierces it’s eye and brain with his knife, killing it. Meanwhile Michelle manages to get onto a rusted piece of wreck from an old shipwreck. Charlie reloads the second flare and then attempt to take out the remaining shark. While he embraces Kaz, Kaz spots the oncoming shark. Charlie turns to shoot but misses with his flare and is attacked and killed by the shark. Kaz manages to escape to Michelle. The great white approaches knocking both women into the water. Kaz tries to distract the shark once more while Michelle swims for the shore.

Kaz hides in the damaged shipwreck as the shark attacks and it becomes ensnared in some metal. Kaz unable to reach her breathing equipment drifts into unconciousness and almost drowns. But before she succumbs, Michelle returns and manages to revive Kaz with mouth to mouth. Kaz springs into action and manages to dislodge some of the structure impaling the shark and killing it. Both Kaz and Michelle swim to the shore and reflect on their escape

Details of Great White

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