Meteor moon

Meteor moon

Meteor moon was written by Joe Roche (Joe Roche), directed by Brian Nowak (director’s debut)Collision earth), Asylum Production Star Chris Voodoo, Michael Broderick (Who wants to die me?I’m that guy)and Dominique Swain (((Serial killer chronicleLottentailBloodcraftA few minutes until midnight). Produced by Paul Valles (Triassic SquadMonster hunterShark season) And David Michael Latt (Passenger plane sky battleIce apocalypseWild Break: Death Race).

Scientists try to figure out how to save the world after a meteor strikes the moon and shifts its axis, causing it to be pulled by Earth’s gravity into the planet’s path.

Movie Details

The movie starred the following actors and actresses

Chris Voodoo … Paul Rawson
Michael Broderick … Jim Lawson
Annaha … Private Diaz
Jamie Har … Major Diaz
Adam Holic … Private.Malcolm
Carol Kaufman … Admiral Cynthia Keller
Kally Khourshid… Cadet Julie Matthews
Emily Killian … Stacy Lawson

Tiana Masaniai … Captain Erinn Hayes
Daniel O’Reilly … JJ
Jeff Plater … Bob
Gary Private … George
Tory Richardson … Adi
Sherry Sterling … Major Romero
Dominique Swain … Colonel Hauser

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