Someday Isles movie

Someday isles movie (2021)

Plot of someday isles movie

Someday Isles movie” is a Feature Film detailing the chaotic journey of PayAttenion coming to terms with his life’s purpose by embracing his destiny through self-actualization. The film is set in multiple destinations, but scenes are concentrated primarily in Hong Kong and Los Angeles. The central focus and meanings of the film are self-reflection, self-determination, and finding a greater understanding of one’s purpose by following one’s own path to bliss. PayAttention’s journey in this film is paralleled by that of a young woman named Ling Fei who is attending college in Los Angeles. Ling Fei comes from a wealthy family from Hong Kong; her family is incredibly controlling over her future, they rarely give her room to breathe.

Movie Details

Release Date: 16/3/2021

Starring:Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 90 min

Original Title: Someday Isles

Original Film Language: en

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