Trigger Point 2021

Trigger Point movie

Trigger Point movie is a 2021 Canadian action-thriller film directed by Brad Turner and written by Michael Vickerman. It stars Barry Pepper as a special operative who lives in hiding after his team members were assassinated, and who returns to the organization to help his former boss (Colm Feore) find his missing daughter (Eve Harlow). Alongside them, Carlo Rota, Laura Vandervoort, Jayne Eastwood, Nazneen Contractor, Greg Bryk, and Rainbow Sun Francks also star.

Filmed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, producers mentioned the potential of a trilogy based on public reception. Trigger Point was theatrically released in the United States and Canada by Screen Media Films on April 16, 2021, and was released digitally worldwide on April 23, 2021. Upon its release, the film was met with negative reviews from

Plot of Trigger Point movie

In New York, an assailant shoots and kills various people with a silencer.

One year later, retired United States special operative Nicolas Shaw lives a quiet life in hiding. In flashbacks, Shaw partially remembers being tortured by an unknown perpetrator who forced him to give out the names of his colleagues, who were shot by the assailant, before being framed for the assassinations. After being confronted by a member of the agency he was once a part of, Shaw meets with Elias Kane, his former boss, who tells him that his daughter, Monica, has been kidnapped by a perpetrator named Quinton.

While investigating, Shaw manages to rescue Monica after escaping a shootout between guards. However, Shaw is soon held at gunpoint by Monica, who reveals she and her father were trying to capture Shaw to retrieve encrypted information. After taking away her firearm, Shaw takes Monica into a forest, where she reveals that she has been shot. At a house, Shaw tells Monica that Quinton was the unknown perpetrator who made him give out the identities of his colleagues by drugging him; Monica tells Shaw that, in fact, he gave out the names before he was tortured and that the pain caused him to forget the events. Soon after, Monica escapes and reunites with her father, where the pair learn Shaw erased the encrypted information.

Back in the town where he was living in hiding, Shaw begins to decode a copy of the information. Meanwhile, Kane begins to track Shaw by visiting the diner and bookstore Shaw frequently visited, where he meets Janice, the waitress Shaw flirted with, and shoots the librarian who knows about Shaw’s true identity. After decoding the information, Shaw learns it was Kane who tortured him, drugging him to forget his memories but failing to retrieve Quinton’s information.

Kane takes Janice hostage and Monica is told by Shaw about her father’s true intentions. Finding Janice in Kane’s car, Shaw begins to track down Kane. In a shootout, the pair are led to a pier, where Monica arrives, having learned Kane was the one who caused the death of her husband Javier, and Shaw shoots and kills Kane.

Days later, at a school, Shaw meets with a teacher who was also one of his former colleagues. As she reveals she knew about Kane’s plan all along, the pair discuss the possibility of a larger conspiracy before Shaw pulls out a gun. Outside, the librarian and Shaw speak on the phone before Shaw tells her that he will leave town for a “few business days”.

Movie Details

Trigger Point movie was originally going to begin production in early 2020, but filming was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[2][3] On October 13, 2020, it was announced that Barry Pepper and Colm Feore had joined the cast of the film.[4] Principal photography began on October 26, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, and concluded on December 6 after filming in Huron County, Hamilton, and Bayfield, Ontario. The film is the first major motion picture to be shot in Bayfield

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